Nutrition clinique vétérinaire

Dr Vet Geraldine Blanchard Academic Background

Diplomas and Titles

Diplomate European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition

PhD for her research work on lipoproteins and cholesterol metabolisme and hepatic lipidosis in cats.

French academic certification (Agregeation) of Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire (France)

Master in Nutrition (INA-PG & Aix-Marseille)

Doctorate Veterinary Medicine (ENVA, Maisons Alfort, France) (1994)

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Professional experience

A Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition

Since 2018 : CEO & President Vet Nutrition Coach SAS, an independent continuing education organization in Animal Nutrition dedicated to veterinarians and animal health professionals

Liberal exercise: specialized consultations in Clinical Nutrition in Antony-92 (Veterinary Office of the Market)

2008: Designer of

Since 2007: CEO & Manager of Animal Nutrition Expertise SARL, advice, training and information in Animal Nutrition

2007: Senior Lecturer (Nutrition) at University of Queensland -School of Veterinary Sciences, Brisbane, Australia

2003-2006 : Contract Professor in Clinical Nutrition at the National Veterinary School of Alfort (France)

1999-2002 : Clinical Nutrition Consultation Officer at the National Veterinary School of Alfort (France)

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Geraldine Blanchard's career in detail

Specialist in clinical nutrition, veterinarian and scientist by training Dr.Vet. Géraldine Blanchard has also been a nutrition consultant since 2000.

Graduated in 1994 from the National Veterinary School of Alfort, and the same year, Veterinary Doctor and Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine of Créteil for her thesis on the role of minerals and vitamins in the growth of foals.

Doctorate in nutrition (PhD) after research on lipoprotein metabolism in cats in hepatic lipidosis, Agrégée d’Alimentation des ENV in 2000, she is in 2002 Diplomate European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ECVCN).

A pioneer in the clinical nutrition sector, she developed the service at ENVA, then in Australia, and back in France, created in 2008 the site in order to offer veterinarians but also owners (only when their pet is healthy) of dogs and cats individual recipes tailor-made calculated by a specialist.

Initially mostly calculated manually, Dr. Blanchard gradually created algorithms and an automated expert system to be able to respond more effectively to a wider demand. At a time when it was not of interest to manufacturers, she created a range of nutritional supplements to balance household and mixed rations, Vit’i5, in Europe and more recently in Australia.

The Idea

To produce locally to avoid transportation.

Why Australia ?

Out of love for this country. And because it is the country where household food is the most represented of all Anglo-Saxon countries. So there is a demand, and few qualified people to meet it.

Lectures and teachings

– Live lectures on Avetao

– Interventions at national / international congresses: AFVAC, ECVCN, ECVIM,…

– Nutrition Vet Nutrition Coach training: independent training in Animal Nutrition dedicated to veterinarians and animal health professionals

– AFVAC training: feline medicine modules, preventive medicine modules, nutrition training… (veterinarians)

– Nutrition training for ACACED (ex CCAD) organized by loof

Dr Vet Géraldine Blanchard

Books and Articles


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Original scientific publications

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My values

#1 Loyalty

#2 Independence

This is the key word of my activity as a specialist. Choosing the diet of your dog and cat is the responsibility of the owner. As a nutrition specialist, it is possible to explain how.

#3 Kindness and Respect

This is particularly important for our customers, but also for my team.

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